The Weekend Ahead (28-29 March)

Unless I am the only dad at a venue, it is going to be difficult to pick me out (have a go though!!) and I imagine that it will be especially difficult given the main weekend activity for Dad and H.

Saturday (free)

This event looks really good from the outside and it is something that we will definitely* be going to. H is not fazed with large crowds and hopefully there is enough space for all the little ones to have a good old dance even though it is in the middle of a busy shopping centre!

* Unless nap time or nappy issues cause problems!!

I/We are not big CBeebies watchers (more on that in the future) but I am sure that will not matter one bit!

The problem with the heart of Leeds City Centre is that sometimes the heart is not that baby/toddler friendly but hopefully this event will have a few other bits and pieces on the edges to keep the little ones entertained. Also, if there are any good changing facilities nearby, please share….!!

Other events of particular interest this weekend are:

Saturday (free)–craft-market–guides-trail–spring-crafting–easter-bonnet-competition

I can’t say that I have been to Ossett town centre ever, but events like this are good to see and will bring people (and new people) into the town centre.

Saturday & Sunday (£)

I have never been to Stockeld Park but they always seem to have plenty of good quality attractions on, especially during the school holidays. It seems quite pricey to enter (£12 each, under 2’s free) but there are family packages and if it is within your budget, give it a go. There are a few different activites available within the price and so I’m sure that there will be a few hours entertainment there!



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