Weekend Activities – 18/19 April 2015

A bit of a late post previewing the activities going on in the region this weekend, and looking around, there is a shortage of events occuring, but the weather looks to be good for the weekend so there is no excuses…

On Saturday and Sunday is the Saltaire Heritage Weekend ( http://www.saltairevillage.info) with plenty of events on both days. Saturday looks more toddler friendly than Sunday but Saltaire is a lovely part of the world and regardless, Roberts Park is very good for toddlers. Parking is a bit of a nightmare but there is a large car park on the “Park” side of the railway line which was handy the last time we visited Saltaire.

This could be coupled with a trip to the Shipley Lego Club which may be suitable if you have an older child kn tow. Details below


Also, for the next week or so Bradford has its own version of the London Eye (Bradford Eye) and the prices seem reasonable so might be a good way to spend an afternoon coupled with a trip to the fabulous (and free!) National Media Museum ( http://www.nationalmediamuseum.org.uk/) This is a favourite of ours and is deserving of its own blog post but it is always a good way to spend a couple of hours.

Finally, the previous blog post commented on Baby Rave Norths outdoor event and looking online, the feedback was unbelievably good so fingers crossed that it happens again! There is a Baby Rave on Sunday at 1pm at Mumspace at Mothercare at Crown Point, Leeds (80s special!) The Baby Rave Facebook page will have all the details… Baby Rave North Facebook


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