Review of the Weekend 9-10 May

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks, work life has been eating into my blogging life, but hopefully calmer seas await…

Anyway, last Saturday we went to the Donkey Sanctuary near Eccup, Leeds for an open day. Looking at the website, it looked a small event but we went ahead anyway. Located near Golden Acre Park in the countryside, the sanctuary was well signposted and as we approached, the large car park/farmers field was seeemingly quite full. The event was well attended and we waited about 30 minutes for our ride on the donkey. This time was spent in the little playground playing and once our number was called, H had a safety helmet put on her and she was whisked away for her donkey ride with me sat on the side looking like the proudest parent ever! The helpers made sure that she was fine (as well as the donkey!) and the look of pride on her face when we were reunited was priceless. We spent an hour or so looking at the other donkeys in the stables as well as stroking them which was a good experience…

Sunday saw a trip to Holmfirth to the Holmfirth Folk Festival and while folk isn’t my thing, the Hey Diddles are! We arrived about 90 minutes before the show and watched a number of morris dancers do their thing, some of which was a little surreal for a toddler do to their blacked-up faces, but undeterred, we made our way to the show.

Not quite sure about the size of the crowd, we got a front row seat as H decided to show off to the Hey Diddles before the show showing off her Elmo and dance moves. H seemed really excited to see them and I wonder if she remembered the Christmas show… As the show started, the crowd seemed to grow nicely to a about 5 deep stood up as various uplifting, kiddie songs were sung. I can’t remember most of them because I was ensuring that the teddy bears picnic was not being eaten by H! The show lasted nearly an hour and a sign that H enjoyed it was that she seemingly spent 5 minutes waving bye to them on the way out. A wonderful sign that the show was a hit!


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