Preview of the weekend (9-10 April 2016)

When I initially set up the blog, part of the idea was that I was going to preview the weekend, hopefully giving people ideas where to go etc . However, it didn’t really pan out, but looking ahead we have a busy weekend ahead and there are quite a few cool things happening as the weather gets warmer.


We are starting out our weekend with the fabulous Rhythm Time (my open hearted review is found here) and then we are off to the Donkey Sanctuary in North Leeds as it is the Spring Fair. ( We went this time last year and it is lovely to see the donkeys  and the kiddies can get to ride them, which means a much shorter drive than to the seaside!


There are a few stalls there and while it isn’t too big, there is enough for an hour or so, although it does get busy at times! We are coupling it up with a walk/picnic to Golden Acre Park, which is 5-10 minutes drive away…



Sunday is going to be a hectic day with us planning 3 daddy/daughter activities. Firstly, we are planning on going to The Hepworth in Wakefield, in part because they have some arts/crafts sessions running. I am certainly not the most creative (or tidy!) person and so I tend to like to do these kinds of things out and about, in the presence of other people who know what they are doing!! I/We have never been to The Hepworth and while I’m sure that we won’t be admiring the artwork in great detail, it will be a different experience.

Hot footing it from there, we are going to the Table Tots sale to hunt out a bargain at Wakefield Queen Elizabeth Grammar School! No idea what to expect, but will give it a go and take it from there!

Finally, we are going to the Accent Clothing Junior Fashion Showcase on Sunday evening in Leeds, which is something like that I have never been to before, and maybe never again! You have to confirm your (free) attendance, and there seems to be plenty for the kids to get involved it, so it could be an interesting evening, and hopefully I’ll pick up some fashion tips for the future!!

I’ll be hoping to write a follow-up to all those in the week following, which is certainly going to be some task!

Hope you have a good weekend too!


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