Fashionable Toddler?

After we went to a junior fashion show last weekend, my thoughts wandered to the issue of dressing Heidi, and making her look her best.

At the fashion show

The initial thought was that it doesn’t matter and it didn’t matter whether Heidi was dressed as a girly-girl or a bit of a tomboy. This was particularly true for my first few months of weekend-parenting as pretty much what was clean, ironed and fit was fair game!

However, as I have developed as a parent, and developed my confidence, I have started to think about it a bit more and as Heidi is becoming her own person with her own thoughts, I have tried to match what she wants and particularly, what she doesn’t know she wants until it’s too late!

Every parent wants what is best for their child although I am a bit behind the game on this one as I am a) not interested in fashion and b) a dad! So what do I do?

And I don’t know the answer….

As with most of parenting, there is a lot of experimentation aka trial and error! Do I put her hair up, down, pig tails, pony tails or plaits?! Or will she actually let me comb it in the first place…?! I’m proud to say that I have attempted and somewhat succeeded in doing a plait…once, but it is so hit and miss! (Dad tip: wet the hair well and watch YouTube videos!)

Not my greatest hair achievement!

And as for clothing, I am completely out of my depth! My approach was that anything in big-brand supermarkets would do as it was a safe choice and while you can’t go wrong, I am not sure if they are the most toddler friendly clothes out there.

I have started looking at more “unique” shops online in order to get something a bit different, to tip my toes in the water and gauge the reaction. I bought the ones below from Funky Rascals and they are bright, funky designs which are what I was looking for to see how both of us would react to them!

From Funky Rascal
Again from Funky Design

However, the overarching sentiment behind this somewhat rambling post is that I don’t have a clue what I am doing in this regard! Heidi is happy and looked after in terms of the clothes she wears now and that is obviously the main thing, although I dread to think the conversations that we will have in a few years time!

In some of my sillier moments, I do wonder if fancy dress is the way to go…


But as with most things in this parenting roller coaster, I seem to be making it up as I go along, and having a blast doing it!


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