World Museum, Liverpool

So we went on our travels over the Pennines to Liverpool, for a pre-Christmas day out (oops for the delay in writing up!).

It was very much a spur-of-the-moment decision to go and we decided to go by train and head to the World Museum as the exhibits looked good for an inquisitive preschooler, as well as the appeal of the planetarium! The museum is a 5-10 minute walk from Liverpool Lime Street train station and might be the best approach to get there as the museum is in the city centre and you would have to deal with the usual traffic/parking problems.

The museum is on 5 floors, with each floor based on a different theme. At the top floor was the “Space” theme as well as the planetarium which is where we ended up first. More by luck than judgement, we were in time for the “Mr Sunshine” show which was absolutely adorable and was on Heidi’s mind all day afterwards. As the video encouraged interaction, it helped keep Heidi calm and engaged in a dark cinema! The short movies are on throughout the day and we could have watched all the others!

Space dressing-up

Whilst the “Space” floor could have been bigger (in theory!) the other floors were excellent for a 3 year old to walk through and pick out exactly what they liked.

The dressing up activity within the Egyptian section was always going to be popular but perhaps our favourite was being able to use some powerful microscopes to look at various floral and fauna. The best part was that the microscopes were linked to TV’s so it was much easier for little eyes to see and for adults to describe what is going on!

It was a Pharaoh way to go!

There was also a section about various animals in various parts of the world, both past (dinosaurs!) and present and the lifelike models really appealed to little eyes!

The Liverpool wildlife!

The best compliment is that when we got to the aquarium section on the second floor (we went from top to bottom) Heidi was pretty tired and wasn’t taking much in to be honest!

As a free attraction, it was absolutely amazing and the only charge was for the planetarium, which wasn’t too expensive at all. All in all, we spent 3 hours there and we had to pull ourselves away as we wanted to visit “Underwater Street” as well – write-up due shortly!!

If you’re taking a pushchair, there are lifts to get between the floors, but they do get busy and when we went to the toilets, the baby change door was locked on the aquarium floor so you might need to find a member of staff to assist.

There is also a cafe on site and if you time it right, you can get a window seat and have a wonderful view over the city.

The view from the cafe!!

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